“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it” -Michael Jordan



Hello! My name is Jacora Kiser and I am a senior marketing major at Howard University. Ever since I was a little girl math has been my favorite subject. Everything about the subject was easy for me and I enjoyed learning new things about it throughout my education journey. However, I struggled with english. WHOMP!  I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a terrible writer but for some reason english was always a struggle for me. I think this is due to me being a perfectionist and strategic person. Math allows me to learn how to do something one way knowing I am going to continuously get the correct answer; while english is the total opposite. Not knowing exactly how an assignment should be written made it hard for me to even start on them, which was the hardest part for me.

English was something I completely avoided up until I got to college and had to take multiple english courses to graduate. Throughout my four years in college I have taken the same english class three times! Not because I didn’t comprehend but simply because I was fearful that I wasn’t a strong writer. So to avoid the bad grades, which I got anyway, I just didn’t do the essays. However, I slowly started to tell my self that this is just a little obstacle that I have to overcome because I was hurting myself more than anything. I started to do different writing assignments and saw that I wasn’t as bad as imagined!

So here we are today with a website all about me tackling my fear of writing and I proud to say I finally did it! On this website you can see a few of my writing obstacles, or assignment lol, that I am very proud to share as I mark the end of my fear of writing.

I hope this website helps you to realize that you are in the way of your own accomplishments and no matter how fearful you may be to push through and succeed! ENJOY!


Obstacle 1

No Such Thing as A Life Better Than Yours

In this assignment we were asked to pick 10-15 lines out of a short story and do a close reading of it. We were to analyze the implications of something that we have discovered through this close reading, explicating important meanings that might be missed st first glance.

My goal with this assignment was not to simply summarize my lines but to dig deeper into the meaning of just the excerpt I chose. One of the challenges I had with this assignment was connecting my analysis only to the lines I chose. Throughout my process of writing I found myself referring to parts of the story that weren’t even related to my excerpt. This assignment really challenged me to take a piece of writing for exactly what it is and analyze it for exactly what it was, nothing extra.

My first draft was pretty good however I had a few minor mistakes I had to fix. I fixed my citations, rambling, and a lot of grammar mistakes. The draft and final are attached below.